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Rubbled for Lysa escort wrote:
Her boundaries are far from good. The mere fact that she was willing to go on that kind of trip and that kind of weekend with someone she barely knows... see the review
Alreddy for Umeyme Nermin escort wrote:
Let's hope she's just very naive... But if I were you I would keep my eyes open wide.... see the review
Sniggiw for Paiwast escort wrote:
I am keeping that in the back of my mind. My gf told me the friend has sent texts already asking her to reconsider. My gf has reassured me that she is not going now. I do worry about something coming up and her changing her mind. see the review
Gibbons for Ganja escort wrote:
If your gf wants to be a party girl then you can decide if you want that kind of partner or not... Better to know now than some years, kids and a mortgage down the road... see the review
Anglers for Marie Kristine escort wrote:
I was very hesitant on her going knowing the situation about the villa. Now that it came out the whole trip was not for work but for her friend to see her secret man in Italy and seeing his FB page, it would be devastating to me if she changed her mind and went. see the review
Mashie for Wajedi escort wrote:
THAT is exactly why you need to zip your lip on the subject and let her sink or swim on her own merits. see the review
Marsha for Semsa escort wrote:
She may or may not realize the final decision she makes on this issue is going to be a decision that decides the course of your relationship. see the review
Okay for Elmugadad escort wrote:
This is why it is important you let her figure this out on her own. If she thinks you will cave eventually, you have a long weekend ahead of you. see the review
Nannyberry for Sehvida escort wrote:
Again, I know it will be difficult at best to stay silent about the trip, being it is the 800 pound elephant in the room, but in order for her to put her money where her mouth is,or swing like Field Marshall Jodl at Nuremberg,you need to afford her the opportunity to do so. see the review
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