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May for Shabih escort wrote:
OP: You assume that your girlfriend is these guys' cup of tea... or bottle of prosecco.. just because YOU find her beautiful. see the review
Bigot for Lara Onix escort wrote:
She's your preference, not every other guys' preference. Keep that in mind. She might be too (fill in the blank) to them and would rather take a pass or bring someone else more to their liking. see the review
Alb for Dong Yin escort wrote:
She needs to know how you feel. That this does trouble you. If for anything else, she'll know that this bothers you and kinda proves to her that you have deep feelings for her. Because if you didn't give a crap, then you wouldn't care what she was doing. see the review
Maddy for Kjell escort wrote:
You just need to talk. Because others are right. She's not your wife. She's just a girlfriend and she really doesn't owe you anything. Hate to be blunt, but it is what it is. see the review
Holey for Frida Minelle escort wrote:
Does the husband of the friend know about the villa? see the review
Snorker for Arapathan escort wrote:
I don't know if he does. I was only told he is a stick in the mud and this lady would rather have my gf come since she is more fun. If it's the lady who I think it is I met her once. Very attractive fit lady. Has a 2 year old and was told she is pregnant now. She's probably early 30s. see the review
Colure for Khoshba escort wrote:
Of course many things are running thru my head. Just a thought but maybe this lady wants to try to hook her Italian co workers up with a single flirty fun American and hit the clubs and all that. At her age she might not know many single ladies aside from my gf. see the review
Blacker for Nanthin escort wrote:
Maybe she wants to impress these guys bc it might help her career rather than bring boring hubby along. see the review
Dutil for Okbu escort wrote:
She needs to know how you feel. That this does trouble you. see the review
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