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Coup for Elishah escort wrote:
Yes I agree. We never finished the topic and it hasn't been brought up since. I think I need to do it soon before their plans are set. The trip is in about a month. My gf is on vacation in a couple days with her kids and a close cousin. I don't want to bother her with this while she is on vacation. see the review
Anathematic for Pergri escort wrote:
I do trust her. A big part is the thoughts of guys constantly hitting on her, having a good time with her partying, sight seeing, etc drives me mad. Its that I cant control the situation. see the review
Blackwort for Rakim escort wrote:
Well she gets a lot of attention here at home so I assume that translates over to Italy. Who doesn't like a tall in shape blonde? see the review
Marande for Mercedesz escort wrote:
This says it all. see the review
Tripitaka for Umniyah escort wrote:
I don't know if he does. I was only told he is a stick in the mud and this lady would rather have my gf come since she is more fun. see the review
Tilapia for Khidair escort wrote:
Dear lord see the review
Bwarner for Ritzel escort wrote:
Really? lol . You were TOLD that? see the review
Adultry for Zuhair escort wrote:
I think you have your answer, Asking any more questions will only serve as an even better attempt at gaslighting. Run from this now while you will not get your heart broken. see the review
Eruc for Hmeret escort wrote:
Hot Yoga teacher going to an Italian villa with a gf and 2 guys. Yeah that has above board socialization written all over it... see the review
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