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Painter for Lindskov escort wrote:
What study buddy? see the review
Adrion for Muntasir escort wrote:
I don't need no stinkin' study buddy. see the review
Ryan for Ghebreigziabher escort wrote:
Hi Silver10, see the review
Anup for Escort Tenerife escort wrote:
First of all - I am not meaning to sound harsh, but it will probably come across as so (apologies!) ... see the review
Choices for Sashi escort wrote:
My very first thought upon reading your predicament is that if your boyfriend did the same to you ... would you rather know? I have to say, I would. see the review
Van eyk for Dibeh escort wrote:
IMO you cannot enter in to a committed relationship (i.e. getting engaged) based on lies and deceipt - that is not a good start for a lifetime together. see the review
Tiddler for Nannis escort wrote:
You say "I truly am in love with him" and "I cheated on the best thing that has ever happened to me, my boyfriend of 8 years" ... so - why cheat? I just don't get it. see the review
Pickled for Ekran escort wrote:
If you are completely remorseful, as you state, then you MUST come clean to your boyfriend - regardless of the consequences. see the review
Noodles for Habtegergs escort wrote:
You further say "We have had sex about 5 times in the last 5 months" ... I am struggling with getting my head around this - you are totally in love with your boyfriend but still had sex with someone else FIVE times - I would have thought after the first time you should have been shocked back in to reality - because of how much you say you love your boyfriend. see the review
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